Pernicious proceedings at Westminster Abbey

One (of many) book I read in preparation to writing the article exposing the heresies of the Westminster Confession of Faith was Robert Letham’s “The Westminster Assembly: Reading Its Theology In Historical Context.” It was quite informative, especially with all the research that is being done by Dr. Chad Van Dixhoorn on the Assembly minutes. I have in the past read some stuff from Twisse, Gouge, Burroughs, Calamy, and Ussher. I also read some of Gillespie and Rutherford, although these two Scotsman according to Letham were,

“simply advisors, commissioners to Parliament who had no voting rights in the Assembly 5” (Letham, p. 48).

In a footnote (5.) Letham writes:

“The Scottish commissioners are not listed as members of the Assembly in the minutes. See S87 TH 2.11.43, in Van Dixhoorn, 1:238-40.

“S” is for the session number, “TH” is the day of the week that the session took place, and “2.11.43” is for the day.month.year. Anyway, Letham’s work — which gives much credit to that of Van Dixhoorn — is a good book as a matter of historical and theological interest. Letham’s book sets not only the Assembly in its historical context but also in its theological context as well. For instance, the Thirty-Nine Articles of Religion of the Church of England (1563), Ussher and the Irish Articles (1615) were major sources of influence in the theology of Westminster.

Reading any of the aforementioned works is helpful in gaining a better understanding of the historical and theological context. But one need not read all of these works — let alone read every known work of everyone involved in the proceedings at Westminster Abbey — to see that the framers of the WCF denied basic, fundamental, elementary principles of Biblical morality in their toleration, promotion, endorsement, and encouragement of the sin of adultery.

It also would not take all of this reading to see what any newly regenerate Christian can see — which is that the learned men of Westminster displayed their mutiny against the basic, fundamental, elementary, Christianity 101 teaching concerning the Godhood of God. The WCF men in their blindness and confusion blurred the line of distinction between creature and Creator, between pot and Potter.