Roger Nicole a hyper-calvinist?

Book Man responding to my “Wicked Westminster Confession” article:

You and your little cadre of writers are so far off the mark it makes me laugh.

And I thought Roger Nicole was a hyper Calvinist.

You people make him look like a Pelagian.

Nobody is citing Scripture. Nobody is giving a substantial response. Just statements similar to the one made by Book Man. Same old stuff.

I think even a somewhat knowledgeable Calvinist here would ROFLOL at your “so far off the mark” statement that you thought Roger Nicole “was a hyper Calvinist.” Any credibility you had should completely vanish with an ignorant statement like that. Nicole believes (among other things of course) in what Calvinists — not hyper-Calvinists — call “the free offer” and “common grace.” Does that sound like hyper-calvinism to you? Hey, how about this: With that statement about Nicole, you have been shown to be so off the mark that you make us look on the mark.

Why don’t you click on the following link in a perhaps vain attempt to extricate yourself from the mire of your ignorance: