WCF full-subscriptionist position

Pietros wrote:

I looked at the title of this thread and saw “Wicked Westminster Confession” and thought maybe this Forum allowed Atheists on it. Anyone who calls the WCF evil is either not a believer, or is so brainwashed by their IFBx preecher [sic] that they are afraid to read it foir [sic] fear of being defiled. What a weird thread.

Read the thread (and perhaps even my article?) a little less superficially and you will see that I have obviously read the WCF. Thus, you must say that I am not a believer; that I am not a true Christian; that I am not regenerate. But, pray tell, what is your standard of judgment?

False religionists like yourself say to me all the time that I add to simple belief in the gospel: to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved. Well, I believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. Are you telling me that that’s not enough? To use the reasoning of your very own tolerant of false religion prophets:

“Are you saying that I must believe in the Lord Jesus Christ PLUS admit that the WCF is not evil?”

I say in my article that a full-subscriptionist position necessarily implies subscription to damnable heresy. I never say that the whole WCF is heretical. I say that a part is heretical. I agree with the parts of the WCF that are in agreement with the Scriptures. But I disagree with the parts that endorse or promote blatant outward immorality and teach damnable heresy.

As an instance of endorsing blatant immorality, the WCF endorses, promotes, and encourages continuance in the sin of adultery. Do you think that is good? Or is it evil? If I assume that you are familiar with the contents of the WCF — unless you foolishly spoke in haste about a confession you are not very familiar with — then what God in His Word calls evil, you call good, and what He calls good, you call evil (cf. Isaiah 5:20). That would be a consistent position on your part– so at least you have that going for you.