Full assurance

grace987 wrote:

Another gospel INCLUDES WORKS (like Nahum’s) with his FULL ASSURANCE=FAITH position.

That is definitely WORKS>>>>!!!! You have to DO SOMETHING to keep your salvation so that is works…no matter how much talking he does.
Isaiah 50:10 REFUTES HIM.

To paraphrase a prophet of your own: It is a very common phenomenon in the battle for the truth, that flaming heretics such as yourself seek to calumniate the truth with the very faults which characterize their own false teaching.

Full assurance is because this assurance is completely grounded upon the work of Jesus Christ ALONE. There is no doing “something to keep [one’s] salvation.” Ironically — as noted in the paraphrased quote above — your self-righteous teaching that a Christian can doubt his or her salvation is clearly WORKS SALVATION — you have to do something, or be enabled to do something to obtain, maintain, or regain assurance of salvation.

Evidently, the work of Christ is not enough, one has to ADD TO His work by extracting a self-righteous assurance out of their own supposedly “spirit-wrought” works. In your demonic doctrine of doubting, the assurance of salvation is ultimately founded in the self-righteous works of the sinner.

The reason a person doubts is because they are ignorant of the sole grounds of acceptance before God and are thus necessarily going about to establish another ground of acceptance whereby they may assure themselves (cf. Romans 10:1-4).

Certainly there is evidential fruit that flows from the life of a true Christian (1 John 2:3), but to base one’s assurance on the fruit of obedience is not to obey or believe at all — it is to show oneself ignorant of the righteousness of God by seeking to establish a righteousness of their own.