Why the Heterodoxy Hall of Shame? (1)

The following discussion took place in May of 2010 regarding why we have the “Heterodoxy Hall of Shame?” (http://www.outsidethecamp.org/heterodoxy.htm) at the Outside the Camp website (this will be posted in multiple parts, the Lord willing):

I was reading through old posts today in the yahoo group and found some posts regarding the “Heterodoxy hall of shame”. May I ask you why you first decided to have such a page on the website?

I am sure this wasnt your intention but one can easily get the impression that OTC just put up such a page to “get attention” and make controversy. You have surely thought much about the “good” and “bad” about such a page, can you tell me more about it?

Why do you think we decided to have such a page? What good do you think comes from this? If you think there is anything bad about such a page, what do you think is bad about it?

Many people get many impressions about OTC. Are we to change based on people’s impressions? Do you think there has ever been a believer who has gotten the impression that the Heterodoxy Hall of Shame came from wrong motives?