Why the Heterodoxy Hall of Shame? (2)

This is part 2 of the “why do we have a Heterodoxy Hall of Shame?” series:

“I suspect that that page and the people on it can get too much attention. Controversy can be both good and bad. Instead of real issues, Jean Calvin and his works are discussed etc. I hope you understand what I mean.”

Why do we have a “Heterodoxy Hall of Shame” in which the views of professing Christians are exposed as heretical? (Related to this, why does Chris Duncan have the “Genuine Historical Calvinism” web site?) What benefit is there?

Is it bad that the “Heterodoxy Hall of Shame” gets too much attention?

Is it bad that the “Heterodoxy Hall of Shame” is controversial?

Does the “Heterodoxy Hall of Shame” take attention away from the “real issues”?

Should we stay away from everything that is controversial to unbelievers? If so, what would be left on the web site?

Is gospel truth controversial?

Is calling professing Christians unregenerate controversial?

Should we change our web site to be “less controversial” if unbelievers tell us we should?