A.W. Pink: Heretic (1)

The following is a “guest post.” This excerpt is from a review of some of Pink’s pernicious views. It includes a quote from Pink’s The Sovereignty of God.

“It is true that the degenerate days in which our lot is cast, when on every side man is exalted and ‘superman’ has become a common expression, there is real need for a special emphasis upon the glorious fact of God’s supremacy. The more so where this is expressly denied. Yet even here much wisdom is required lest our zeal should not be ‘according to knowledge.’ The words ‘meat in due season’ should ever be before the servant of God. What is needed, primarily, by one congregation may not be specifically needed by another. If called to labor where Arminian preachers have preceded, then the neglected truth of God’s sovereignty should be expounded, though with caution and care lest too much ‘strong meat’ be given to ‘babes.’ The example of Christ in John 16:12 ‘I have yet many things to say unto you, but ye cannot bear them now,’ must be borne in mind.”

In this one statement, Pink eviscerates everything he had previously said about God’s sovereignty, especially as it relates to the gospel, by saying that it is some “strong meat” that only the mature in Christ can bear. He is saying that those who had been part of a church where Arminian preachers had preceded were “babes,” i.e., immature, Christians who were ignorant of sovereign salvation. He is speaking peace to the haters of God. The truth is that every Christian upon regeneration believes the gospel, which includes the fact that salvation is not conditioned on the sinner in any way to any degree. (Note also that Pink wrenches Romans 10:3’s “zeal not according to knowledge” out of context and applies it to preachers who preach the sovereignty of God to those who supposedly aren’t ready for it.)

At almost the same time this quote was brought to my attention, another quote from Pink was providentially brought to my attention from a book that I had never read. The book is Studies on Saving Faith. After reading the quote, I downloaded some chapters from the book and found even more heterodoxy. Below is not everything heterodox that I found; I would like to do a complete book review at some point.