William Jay on modest attire

Just a few quotes I found kind of poking around in the google books library — they reminded me of Proverbs 31 and other passages pertaining to modesty (this is NOT a blanket-endorsement of William Jay; I just like the quotes):

“The apparel of ‘a woman professing godliness,’ should not be the attire of a woman of the world, much less, ‘the attire of a harlot.’ Females sometimes wear a label, on which indecency and indelicacy are written, and then appear to be offended because observers can read” (William Jay, Thoughts on marriage).

“Let the Bible be the mirror at which you dress; and while others are weightily engaged in catching a fashion, or adjusting a curl, let the object of your cultivation be the understanding, the memory, the will, the affections, the conscience” (William Jay, Thoughts on marriage).

“Need you be told, that these skindeep perfections, those exterior, senseless appendages, imply no excellecy in the wearer, and are only admired by the weak, or the worthless?” (William Jay, Thoughts on marriage).

Multitudes of women who profess the name of Christ dress in the attire of an harlot.