Fashionable Foundation Of A False Jesus

We continue digging through this tunnel of diabolical dirt until we see the rays of completion light:


“While the Presbyterian Church is preeminently a doctrinal Church, she never demands the full acceptance of her standards by any applicant for admission to her fold. A credible profession of faith in Christ is her only condition of Church membership. She does demand that her ministers and elders shall be Calvinists; yet this is never demanded of lay members. As Calvinists we gladly recognize as our fellow Christians any who trust Christ for their salvation, regardless of how inconsistent their other beliefs may be. We do believe, however, that Calvinism is the only system which is wholly true” (p. 353).

As we’ve witnessed repeatedly throughout this commentary on select portions of Boettner’s book, the Arminian and Calvinists’ credible profession is faith in a “jesus” whom the Apostles did NOT preach (2 Corinthians 11:4;cf. John 10:4-5). Said Arminians and Calvinists would profess to believe that “Jesus is the Christ” while maintaining a definition that is subversive of its biblical meaning. Their profession that “Jesus Christ is God and Savior” is completely undermined by their belief in a “god” who cannot save; in a “god” who is unable to deliver (cf. 1 Samuel 12:21; Isaiah 45:20).

Certain professing Calvinists who are of Boettner’s mind may object:

“Hey! Don’t apply Isaiah 45:20 to me. I don’t believe in a ‘god’ who cannot save. That’s the Arminian ‘god.’ That’s not my God.”

Really? Let me remind you that those who are most explicit and blatant in expressing their belief in a “god” who cannot save are “gladly [recognized] as [your] fellow Christians.” However “heinous,” “inconsistent,” or “ignorant” their errors might be, they are nevertheless judged by you as true Christians, Mr. Calvinist.

Presumably you’d say your common foundation with the “Arminian” (i.e., universal atonement advocate) is the gospel of Christ crucified (cf. 1 Corinthians 1:23-24, 2:2). Despite what you might call “extremely significant errors” in their theology concerning the Person and Work of Christ, they must have some kind or degree of “soundness in the fundamentals,” some way of “being right in the main,” correct? Why else would you call them your “spiritual brethren”? Presuming that “Christ crucified” is an essential aspect of your professed “common gospel” what would you say this “MAIN” consists of? What exactly are the “FUNDAMENTALS”? Clearly His PERSON and His WORK, right?

Whoah, hey, relax now — there’s no need for you to get all worked-up and fidgety in that chair. Please allow me to help you out. Let’s focus on Christ’s WORK on the cross. Would you say that BOTH you and the “Arminian” believed in the SAME CROSS UPON REGENERATION (you said they’re your brothers, remember)? “YES,” you say? That’s what I thought — BOTH you and the “Arminian” believe in a “cross” where the work of Christ does NOT make the only difference between salvation and damnation. The true cross of Scripture EQUALS efficacious atonement. EVERY SAVED PERSON, from the newborn in Christ to the most mature believer, believes in the SAME CROSS. There is NO CROSS when some for whom Christ died are in hell. Your “cross” is an empty, meaningless cross. Your “cross” is a “cross” of NO EFFECT (cf. 1 Corinthians 1:17). It is just an idol of your vain imaginations. You believe that belief in a “cross” of NO EFFECT is the STARTING POINT in a believer’s spiritual life. You are dead in your sins:

“For the Word of the cross is foolishness to those being lost, but to us being saved, it is the power of God” (1 Corinthians 1:18).

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