Truly A Skandalon To Calvinist Chameleons

Boettner quoting Hamilton concerning certain kinds of non-Calvinists:

“…Prof. F. E. Hamilton has well said:

‘A blind, deaf and dumb man can, it is true, know something of the world about him through the senses remaining, but his knowledge will be very imperfect and probably inaccurate. In a similar way, a Christian who never knows or never accepts the deeper teachings of the Bible which Calvinism embodies, may be a Christian, but he will be a very imperfect Christian, and it should be the duty of those who know the whole truth to attempt to lead him into the only storehouse which contains the full riches of true Christianity'”(pp. 353-354).

So this is what Boettner and Hamilton think of their non-Calvinist brothers in Satan. They judge them as “imperfect” Christians who are “blind, deaf and dumb.” Why? Because they’ve failed to accept the non-essential “deeper teachings of the Bible.” In this review it has become evident that these condescending Calvinists pervert and suppress such Biblical doctrines as efficacious atonement and God’s sovereignty, but what is implied here is the aforementioned doctrines are classified as non-essential “deeper teachings.” The “less dumb” Calvinists are doing their own version of the “Presbyterian pat” [1] to their “dumber” non-Calvinist brethren.

[1] A figurative expression describing the “condescendingly friendly” little pat on the head some Presbyterians give to their Reformed Baptist brethren who differ with them on water baptism.

Many Calvinists call the simple gospel-centered doctrine of efficacious atonement a “deeper teaching of the Bible” due to the long, difficult, and breaking process of time they initially spent stumbling at the Stone-of-stumbling and being offended at the Rock-of-offense. Perhaps many Calvinists would say it took around 20 years of stumbling at this Stone to finally “believe and acquiesce” and to no longer stumble at it. But when these same Calvinists show their offense at the teaching that ALL who believe in this Stone will be saved and ALL who do not believe in this Stone will be shamed, then it becomes clear that these Calvinists have NOT yet believed on Him and STILL continuing to stumble at the Stone-of-stumbling (cf. Romans 9:30-33).

As for the supposedly “deep teaching” of God’s sovereignty. It’s only “deep” because the Calvinist probably spent 20 years fighting against Paul over it (cf. Romans 9:19). And as we’ve so clearly seen, these Calvinists are STILL fighting against Paul over it.

“‘The Calvinist,’ says Dr. Craig,

‘does not differ from other Christians in kind, but only in degree, as more or less good specimens of a thing differ from more or less bad specimens of a thing.’

We are not all Calvinists as we travel the road to heaven, but we shall all be Calvinists when we get there. It is our firm conviction that every redeemed soul in heaven will be a thorough-going Calvinist” (p. 354).

Apparently Dr. Samuel Craig wishes to further endear himself to his non-Calvinist brothers in Satan with such charming comments. Dr. Craig is dead wrong in his judgment concerning who is and is not a “Christian” of course, but he is right about the concept of differences in “degree”: Calvinists like Boettner and non-Calvinists who believe Christ died for everyone without exception are children of the Devil in kind who differ only in degree. Some are “Satanic tadpoles” while others are “Satanic toads” who have sedulously progressed in knowledge while never acknowledging the truth (cf. 2 Corinthians 11:1-15; 2 Timothy 3:7).

The same Satanic spirit of antichrist runs through all the theologically popular and fashionable teachings of the world. Though this spirit takes various courses and assumes all kinds of shapes and colors, the chief and highest end is the same: To glorify the creature rather than the Creator. Next Page (44)

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