But I am only an animal

“Instead of assigning to man a subhuman ancestry, the Bible teaches that man was created in the image of God. On one occasion, in a philosophy class, a girl dressed in the synthetic poverty of dirty blue jeans, popular in the 1960’s, objected to a Christian expression in the lecture and replied, ‘But I am only an animal.’ She was in truth a human being, however poor a specimen. The Bible makes an immense distinction between man and animals. Animals are interesting, sometimes clever, and often beautiful. One of the most handsome specimens I ever saw was an enormous skunk. About three times the size of ordinary skunks, he would have been a prize for any skunk basketball or football team. I was tempted to make his acquaintance, but thought better of it. After a moment or two we bowed to each other and went our opposite ways. Likewise, who is not intrigued by a road runner, and who fails to admire a lion or jaguar? In the zoo, of course” (Gordon H. Clark, The Biblical Doctrine Of Man, p. 5).