What Most Physics Professors Know

“In this scientific debate one should press upon the biologists and the federal courts what most physics professors know so well: namely, that science is not fixed but tentative. There used to be a universal ether by which light waves were propagated. But a good ninety years ago they evaporated. The result was that light became and remains today self-contradictory ‘wavicles.’ Atomism exploded, theoretically in 1905, and visibly in World War II. The Newtonian law of gravitation, supposedly describing the motion of all bodies and accounting for the distribution of the planets and stars, held sway for two centuries. But now not one of the Newtonian laws remains. Even the first law of straight line motion is gone, for there is no scientific method for determining a straight line. Subsidiary laws, such as the theory of heat, had changed earlier. But the evolutionists, particularly those in Education, blindly believe that their view is immutably true” (Gordon H. Clark, The Biblical Doctrine Of Man, p. 4).