The Creation Of Woman

“That the Bible has a theistic view widely different from contemporary biology is already clear in the few verses quoted above [Genesis 1:27, 2:21-23; Acts 17:26–CD]. They teach that the human race is one race descended from precisely two human beings. But the Bible’s most conspicuous denial of evolution is the second citation, Genesis 2:21, on the creation or formation of woman. It is not clear whether evolution must hold that the first human being was a male or female; and it would be stretching credulity to suppose that a pair always evolved at the same time and place. But Eve was no evolutionary product. She did not appear in the usual way. So-called natural law does not cover her case. Therefore the usual forms of evolution, even with occasional theistic modifications, cannot be harmonized with Christianity, for Christianity teaches creation” (Gordon H. Clark, The Biblical Doctrine Of Man, pp. 3-4).