Geology Has Determined

According to one writer,

“William Parks was the mid-Victorian Anglican vicar of Openshaw, near Manchester. A high Calvinist in the tradition of Augustus Toplady (1740-1778), he utilized the season of Lent in 1856 to preach a series of sermons on Calvinism, published as Sermons on the Five Points of Calvinism.”

William Parks is a somewhat obscure (to me, anyway) professing Calvinist who compromised on the Biblical account of creation:

“As I have already stated, Adam died on the day of his transgression — died to all good – died with regard to God: and his sentence has taken hold of every one of his children, who are in consequence, ‘all by nature the children of wrath.’ [1]

[1] I am induced here to throw out a hint which may be of service to some of my young readers, viz.: Geology has determined that death existed among animals before the fall of man. How, then, is the scripture statement that death is the consequence of sin to be reconciled with the fact? If the death threatened on the disobedience of man be regarded, not as the cessation of life, but as the state of separation from God, the difficulty vanishes. Corporeal death was but an emblem of the death threatened upon man, and thus science and Scripture may be harmonized” (William Parks, Sermons on The Five Points of Calvinism, p. 14).

The damnable heretic William Parks’ belief in Scripture goes poof and vanishes. Parks brazenly DENIES Biblical truth by a credulously affirming and embracing the “facts of modern science.” Parks does NOT allow Scripture to illumine the supposed scientific “facts.” Instead, he distorts and adulterates Scripture in order that it may be “harmonized” with the scientific “facts.”