True Gospel & its Implications

Some of the following are my amateurish attempts at creating PDFs for download. I plan on creating a bunch of these PDFs (or uploading PDFs already created by others), so keep checking back for new additions. [Also, I am using the term “eBook” somewhat  broadly.]

A Study on Romans 9:11-22

A Study on Romans 8:1-9

Is a Christian’s Heart Deceitful and Desperately Wicked?

Law of Marriage

Common Grace?

Christ Crucified: God’s Love Manifested

Speaking Peace

Judging Righteous Judgment

Outside the Camp

True Gospel Series

True vs False Series

Christian Confession of Faith

What God Loves

Gospel Atonement

Gospel Resurrection

The following PDFs are back-issues (articles, reviews, etc.) of the now defunct Outside the Camp (OTC) newsletter. I pray that these will educate, encourage, and edify God’s saints, open the eyes of the unregenerate elect, and harden the hearts of the unregenerate reprobate.

The Wicked Westminster Confession

Heterodoxy Hall of Shame

Unconditional Reprobation and Active Hardening

Damnable Hyper-Calvinist Heresy

Holy Spirit Conviction

Pernicious Puritan Preparationism

Pride and Deception of Experience-Based Religion

What Constitutes Marriage

Fire and Love

James White Spiritual Harlot

Every Christian’s State and Walk