Ghoulish Reveries

A poetic riff of sorts about the ongoing holocaust of murdering babies:

Euphemisms and pretexts for grisly murder. Ghoulish reveries of convenience and career must not be aborted. Some say restraint from commission of homicide is akin to forcing a woman to care for unwanted life. Reproductive rights prepare the genocidal knife. Cancerous conception, excise this infection. Woman’s choice dissolves a voice. With saline solution. Prevent the implantation, receive remuneration. A person’s a person no matter how small. Twisted wills lust for abortifacient pill. Facinorous forceps rejuvenate reproductive freedom. Your revolution is my execution. Bereaved of natural affection. Expectation of nutriment and safety inside my mommy’s womb. But I forced an intrusion of inconvenience and imposition. It is now my tomb.